Duo Perfect - Exoctic Neutrals

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Duo Perfect  - Exoctic Neutrals

Duo eyeshadow (apricot and brown glace) is a classic passepartout for "nude look" shades, suitable for Mediterranean skin. The new range of eyeshadows has been completely renewed both in the formula and in the colors, while maintaining the tradition that sees them used both dry, that wet.

All eyeshadows have been enriched with Argan oil, for an emollient, moisturizing and plumping effect, giving the skin a smooth and luminous appearance, a true antiaging.
The application color is blended evenly. It gives a velvety effect to the eye and a special light, due to Mica (a precious mineral for the skin) with a long lasting effect.

The eyeshadow can be faded with the handy applicator supplied or with the fingertips.