Deep moisturizing cream

€ 54,00

Deep moisturizing treatment cream with a rich texture. Its special formula based on the exclusive Centro Mességué Liposome, made up of alternating layers of oil and water, deeply moisturizes the skin and ensures a true hydration reserve for the tissues.

The water-retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid prevents the dispersion of water, thus keeping the skin well hydrated, smooth, shiny and toned. Jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter with antioxidant and protective action, stimulate the regeneration of the tissues, preventing skin aging.

Wrinkles are attenuated for a luminous appearance and a firmed, nourished and protected skin, soft and velvety to the touch. Its natural active ingredients restore and balance the lipid layer of the skin with results that continue over time. Ideal product for stressed and dehydrated skin, skin more prone to the signs of aging.