Oyster by Gil Cagné is the new line of active cleansers that nurture the skin with innovative, balanced formulas suited to different needs

It is crucial that you cleanse the skin with specific products in order to maintain your face’s youthful appearance and to protect it from ageing.
You must choose the cleansing product that is best-suited to the individual needs of the skin, which is a case of “each to their own”.


Oyster Skincare Micellar Mousse GC805

€ 24,00 € 19,50

Its particular foam texture purifies, refreshes and tones while removing make-up in a decisive but delicate way.
Leaves the skin soft as after applying a cream. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones, and also ideal for frequent cleanings during the day.


Oyster Skincare Make Up Primer GC880

€ 39,00 € 31,50

Moisturizing and smoothing undercoat base with special tensor effect, enriched with Collagen, to be applied before make-up.


Oyster Skincare Mist & Fix GC802

€ 19,00 € 15,50

Innovative formula that can be used as a tonic after cleansing or as a makeup fixer after make up.

Its very fine mist makes the product impalpable and when it settles on the skin Mist & Fix leaves a breath of freshness like morning dew.
Contains Hyaluronic Acid for a prompt moisturizing action, and a technical polymer for fixing make-up, Crystalline Grass capable of fixing hydration with a "long term" action.

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